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The Barney Reservoir is a municipal storage reservoir located in the Coast Range. It is owned and operated by the Barney Reservoir Joint Ownership Commission, which includes the Cities of Hillsboro, Forest Grove, and Beaverton; the Tualatin Valley Water District (TVWD), and Clean Water Services (CWS).

Although not an owner in the facility, a portion of the water (15%) is made available every year to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) to maximize fish habitat and life-stage benefits for fish protection and enhancement in the Trask River.

The Reservoir holds 20,000 acre feet, and fill is measured in terms of elevation. The elevation and flow rate is automatically measured with telemetry at the site, and recorded below with updates throughout the day. During fill season (winter months), the elevation of the reservoir will rise over time. When the elevation is slightly over 1640, the reservoir is considered full for the following summer. During summer months water is released for use by the owners, including City of Hillsboro water customers, and the elevation will slowly drop. Typically, the reservoir fills from November to May, and water is released for treatment and use from June to October.

Use the chart below to see if the reservoir is filling or releasing throughout the year, and please call 503-615-6702, or email the Hillsboro Water Department if you have any questions.

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Flow Rate: (cfs)
Reservoir Level: (elev)
7/16/20249:39 AM9.61630.66
9:24 AM9.61630.66
9:09 AM9.61630.66
8:54 AM9.61630.66
8:39 AM9.61630.68
8:24 AM9.61630.68
8:09 AM9.61630.68
7:54 AM9.61630.68
7:39 AM9.61630.68
7:24 AM9.61630.69
7:09 AM9.61630.69
6:54 AM9.61630.69
6:39 AM9.61630.71
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